Antico Forno Cerali’s Pizza & Porchetta!

Frascati’s last wood burning oven is located in a building from 1380 and is one of my favorite stops on our tour around the center of town on our ‘Classic Half-Day Wine Tour‘. Eugenio Cerali and his family have kept the tradition of making Pizza and Porchetta in the family’s wood burning oven alive for 4 generations! During our walking tour around the historic center of Frascati we stop at the bakery to taste their smokey ‘pizza bianca’ stuffed with their delicious oven roasted porchetta.

We also pick up more of their products to take with us to the winery to pair with our wines and olive oil. The bakery has a 90 year old mother-yeast dough that they use to make their sourdough bread and the matriarch of the family is Nonna Rosanna who is famous in town for her ‘ciambelline al vino bianco’ or wine cookies that we also take with us to the winery to pair with our sweet wine. Last year Adam Richman came to the bakery to film a segment for his ‘Secret Eats‘ show and here is the clip πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

English wine tasting tours near Rome.
Your guide Dominique Lettiere.


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