Autumn is our favorite season at The Old Frascati Wine Tour!

After a long hot summer and an unusually wet September we’ve finally made it to our favorite season in Frascati: Autumn! Due to the record breaking high temperatures this summer and the long drought from April until September, it was necessary to begin our grape harvest at the beginning of September… which is very early for the Frascati Grape Harvest. There are poems, songs and volumes written on the October grape harvest in Frascati but alas, the harvest is getting earlier and earlier (global warming?).

The grape harvest went well however and we’re looking forward to an excellent 2017 vintage (the dryer the year the better the vintage;)… Now in October we have just started our olive harvest! The olive harvest is promising to be a bumper crop year and thanks to the gorgeous, sunny & cool autumn days, we are excited to be outside, harvesting the olives and enjoying the changing weather.

Another one of our favorite things about autumn are ‘Le Ottobrate Romane’ or the Indian Summer we experience in Rome and the Castelli Romani. It’s warm during the day and crisp and cool in the evening. The wind has cleared out all the smog over Rome and we’ve been having gorgeous views of the city from Frascati at 1100 ft.

Nearby, the chestnut season has begun and it’s common to find people out hunting truffles in the forest around the volcanic lake Nemi. The Italians have all busted out their Autumn wardrobe and Frascati has never looked so good!

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