Escape from the Roman heatwave!

Day trip from Rome Wine Tour Winery TastingThe last few days in Rome have seen record breaking temperatures reaching highs of 43 degrees celsius (109 degrees fahrenheit) at midday! When the summer strikes the black cobblestone streets of Rome, the savvy Romans take the train out to Frascati to escape the heat and cool off with a crisp cold glass of Frascati wine! Frascati is at an altitude of 350 meters above sea-level (1150 feet) and boasts a 5 degrees (celsius) cooler temperature than Rome.

In the summertime all of the piazzas of Frascati fill up with picnic tables and the ‘Fraschette’ open up to serve house wine by the liter to accompany your roasted pork and fresh baked bread bought in the local bakeries and shops around town (my favorites of course are Antico Forno Ceralli and Osteria del Olmo). There is a gentle sea breeze that reaches our hilltop town that not only cools you off but also reminds you of the salty mineral notes found in our volcanic mineral rich wine…

Frascati wine is known for its bright acidity and its refreshing quality, characteristics which make it the perfect summer wine!

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