Evening Tour of the Frascati Wine Taverns

In the summer months come enjoy the longer days and refreshing white wine.

Welcome to Frascati!

Our Evening Tour of the Frascati Wine Taverns is only available on Saturday evenings in the summer. We try to keep our groups to a 15 person maximum. The cost of the tour is 45 euro a person (1/2 off for children under 16) and includes everything described below!

Tour Description

Frascati which has been famous for its wines since the time of ancient Rome and is an easy 25 minute train-ride from Rome.

Your guide will meet you at 5:30 PM in front of the Frascati train station. The train for Frascati leaves at 4:54 PM from Rome Termini and returns every hour until 10:36 PM and costs just 2.10 euro.

Tour the historic center of Frascati

Stroll around our adorable town which is lively and full of locals without ever feeling crowded or touristy. Summer is a wonderful time to visit Frascati thanks to its elevation it’s always around 5-10 degrees cooler than in Rome.

Learn about the incredibly rich history of Frascati from its Ancient Roman origins to its terrible bombing in WW2. Enjoy a private tour of the oldest art gallery in Frascati with its owner and be amazed by the spectacular sunset over Rome.

The Fraschette!

The Frascati Wine Taverns are called ‘Fraschette’ and only serve Frascati wine… so you will first pick up some food to bring with you!

It’s off to the market square of Frascati where your guide will ‘guide’ you though ordering different products to take with you to the taverns. You will pick up marinated vegetables from the food carts in the main market square and fresh bread, pizza, slow-roasted pork and wine cookies from the oldest bakery in town. Β Meet the local artisans and shop owners who are eager to share their stories. Feel like a local while accompanied by your guide who lives in Frascati and knows everybody in town!

Dinner alla Fresco!

Dinner will be enjoyed in the charming piazza outside of the oldest Fraschetta in Frascati.

Meet the 6th and 7th generation owners of one of the last truly authentic ‘Fraschette’ in Frascati.

Mother and son make their own Frascati jug wine directly inside the tavern and will serve it to you by the liter. They will set the picnic table for you with plates utensils and napkins.

Savor the experience of eating just like the locals around you in the piazza.