Our Frascati Grape Harvest Begins!

2016 has been on of the hottest and driest years in recent memory in Frascati. The Frascati grape harvest which historically begins no sooner than the first week of October as already begun! Today we found Nino and Zio Mario in the vineyard harvsting their sweet muscat grapes which are used in our Cannellino DOCG wine. These grapes will be added to the Malvasia, Trebbiano and Bellone grapes which we will begin harvesting on the 15th of September. These later grapes will then be dried out in wooden crates for 4 months before being smashed and pressed (with all artisanal winemaking equipment) and stored in wooden barrels for 6 months before being bottled. In 2015 we only made 900 bottles of Cannellino which you can come taste on our tour in Frascati. Here’s to an abundant harvest!Day Trip from Rome in Frascati wine tasting Tour

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