Old Frascati Food & Wine is a cultural association based in Frascati, we work with local vintners, artisans, chefs, historians and sommeliers to show you the best that Frascati has to offer! We have several food and wine tours that we have created with our collaborators to give the perfect experience for visitors. We are all very passionate about our town’s heritage and love to share it with the world! Frascati is a unique town that has a rich tradition of farm to table cooking and winemaking. We bring you to two of the oldest family-run wineries in the region, a generations old family operated bakery, wonderful local restaurants, and a charming historic town in the Roman Countryside.

Our Classic Half-Day Wine Tour is the perfect combination of a traditional wine tasting brought together with a traditional small family winery in Frascati, Italy. Aside from tasting some delicious wines, the tour gives you the opportunity to see the town of Frascati and the history behind how it became what it is today.

The tour begins with a train ride outside the city of Rome to a more rural, small town.

Once you arrive at the train station you will be greeted by one of our amazing local guides. After walking through the town center of Frascati, tasting local delicacies and chatting with local artisans, you’ll take a short drive up to the family owned winery in the heart of Frascati DOCG country.

When first arriving at the winery, you’ll receive a tour of the 16th century vineyards and cellar with the 7th generation winemaker. You’ll learn all about the history of the family owned winery and see the fermentation room. Decent into the deep ancient Roman wine cave has been used since the time of Ancient Rome!

Wine glass white wine

Wine Tasting in Frascati near Rome

After the tour of the grounds, you’ll head up to the tasting room where you meet back with your guide, where you’ll our red, a white and a sweet wine produced by the winery. Your guide will explaining each wine in detail and teach you which different foods pair perfectly with each wine.


After the tasting we you’ll say farewell to everyone at the winery and head back to the town center of Frascati for lunch at a local family-run restaurant! For lunch you start with a few different antipastos, a statement item in all Frascati natives’ meals, along with some bread, two different pastas and of course, wine! The whole experience was so delightful and definitely a must do when coming to the Rome area! It was a great way to get away from the busy city of Rome for a few hours and to see what life is like in a rural town of Italy!

Roman pasta Carbonara at lunch 🙂