The Old Frascati Wine Tour near Rome!

Ancient Winery near Rome in Frascati with Wine Tours

The Old Frascati Wine Tour offers an experience like no other! We offer Half-Day Wine Tours near Rome almost every day for just 55 euro a person. Frascati is easily reachable from Rome by taking the 9:49 AM train to Frascati from Roma Termini and upon arrival you will be greeted by Dominique, a Frascati local, who will take you to the most beautiful and authentic vineyards, taverns, restaurants and local hangouts!

Upon arrival in Frascati, you will be greeted by the beautiful 16th century Villa Aldobrandini! This villa once hosted the Pope for his summer holiday and when you see the spectacular view of Rome in the distance you will understand why!winery-near-rome-tour-half-dayThe Old Frascati Wine Tour’s ‘Classic Half-Day Wine Tour’ begins with a walk around town where you will see amazing buildings like our ‘St. Peter’s Cathedral’ which was built between 1600 and 1700 and was tragically bombed in WW2… Only the facade withstood the bombings.history-and-fodd-tour-from-rome-in-frascati

A little tongue and cheek humor from the people of Frascati! Our mascot is ‘Miss Frascati’ a cookie with three breasts! Two for milk and one for wine!miss-frascati-on-the-old-frascati-wine-tour-near-romeDuring the tour you will also get to try jug wine from the oldest wine tavern (Fraschetta) in town! Jug wine is served straight from the stainless steal tank and costs just 2.50 euro a liter and is delicious with roasted Frascati pork (porchetta).Italian Wine Day Trip from Romeporchetta-and-house-wine-on-the-old-frascati-wien-tourAfter visiting the city center you will be driven to our vineyard and winery which makes Frascati Superiore DOCG. You will visit the grounds with the 7th generation winemaker who will tell you about the history of the family winery and the techniques used for making our award winning wines!14680705_10154558086813480_2726037769942045095_n beautiful-views-and-vineyards-near-rome beautiful-vineyard-near-rome  delicious-wines-near-rome-in-frascati-tasting-tours After the tour of the ground you will then taste the three wines that we produce: Frascati Superiore DOCG, Red Vagnolo IGT and Sweet Cannellino DOCG. All wines are paired with snacks picked up on the tour around town and the family’s our olive oil. rustic-italian-classic-wine-tour-near-rome-in-frascati-italy traditional-winery-near-rome-tour-and-tasting After the tasting at the winery you are then taken back to Frascati where you will have an amazing lunch with local cheeses, cold-cuts and homemade pasta… all paired with your favorite wine from the tasting. wine-and-food-tours-in-rome  delicious-pasta-and-wine-tasting-tour-in-frascati-near-rome-by-trainAfter lunch you are free to return to Rome at your leisure:) The trains return to Roma Termini every hour at :36 past the hour until 9:36 PM.

Our wine tours are relaxing, unique and unforgettable!

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