Our Philosophy

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Old World Charm

The Ancient Town of Frascati sits on the rim of a dormant volcano.  Its rich volcanic soil was much sought after by the Etruscans, Ancient Romans, the Vatican State and most recently by Romans on weekend get-aways. Wine has been produced in Frascati for thousands of years. Frascati wine is known as the ‘Golden Wine of the Romans’, the ‘Pope’s Wine’ and the white wine of Rome. Each stone building, cobblestone street, and ancient church tells the story of the centuries of people who have called Frascati home.

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Farm to Table

Things move at a slower pace in Frascati.  Nowhere is this fact better represented than in the the way food is produced and prepared.  Porchetta is cooked in a wood burning oven for over 8 hours.  The olive oil is extra virgin and cold pressed.  The pasta is all hand-made. Our wine is still made with ancient techniques first used by the Romans. Here, the local baker, winemaker, tavern owner, and restaurant owner all value organic and locally sourced products.  Not because its trendy, but because it’s tradition!

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An Ancient Tradition

The Old Frascati Wine Tour brings you the wines of Antiche Terre Tuscolane,  a small wine cooperative made up of three family-run wineries. The co-op’s mission is to elevate Frascati Superiore DOCG for the modern pallet while remembering the wine’s ancient origins.  Frascati wine was the wine of the Ancient Romans.  Our vineyard is located in a gorgeous valley where winemaking artifacts dating back to 1000 B.C. have been discovered with spectacular views of Rome in the distance. Our winery is run by the 6th and 7th generation of winemakers who can’t wait to share their winemaking tradition with you!

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