Our Pizza Making and Wine Tasting Tour

Pizza and Wine... Sounds Divine!

Welcome to Frascati!

Learn how to make delicious Frascati wood-fired pizza and prepare for a feast of local delicacies, pastas, and three award winning wines!

Tour Description

Our Pizza Making and Wine Tasting Tour

  • Tuesday through Saturday in the PM
  • 15 person maximum
  • 55€ for adults, 40€ euro for ages 12-15 and 25 € euro for kids under 12

Frascati which has been famous for its wines since the era of ancient Rome is an easy 25 minute train-ride from Rome. Your guide will meet you at 4:30 PM at the Frascati train station. The train for Frascati leaves every afternoon from Rome Termini at 3:54 PM and costs just 2.10 euro. (1 hour later in the hottest summer months)

Tour the Historic Center of Frascati!

Your guide, who is a Frascati local, will show you the most beautiful, authentic, and quintessential sites in Frascati.

Visit one of the last wood-burning ovens in Frascati, here you will see the chestnut branches used in the oven and smell the delicious smoky aroma that fills the piazza.

Enjoy the fresh air, cool breeze and beautiful view of Rome in the distance.

Learn the secrets to making Italian Pizza from scratch!

Just five ingredients are all you need to make pizza dough from scratch.

Our master Pizzaiolo is passionate about his craft and wants to teach you how to make a pizza here in Frascati with a recipe you can remake back home for your friends.

Learn how to make Authentic Italian Pizza

Our Pizza Maestro will show you the ingredients you need to make his pizza. He will teach you how to kneed the dough, how to stretch and flatten the dough, and which topping to use for authentic Frascati pizza.  You will also learn how to put it into the wood burning oven.

Enjoy your Pizza with various local specialties and three Local DOC Wines!

When your pizza is ready, you will eat it paired with local seasonal vegetables, Roman pasta and more!

While you sit in the bakery enjoying your pizza you’ll learn about three local wines from your guide who is an ONAV licensed wine taster. You will taste Frascati Superiore DOCG, Red Vagnolo IGT and Sweet Cannellino DOCG. All perfectly paired with your pizza and local specialties.

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