Hello from Frascati and Happy 2021!

Here we are over a year into the pandemic and we miss you all so much!  We can’t wait to see you back in Frascati!  The good news is that vaccinated tourists will likely be able to return this summer, so we hope to see some of you soon!  We’ve all been trying to find new ways to keep busy without your lovely faces to keep us company, and we wanted to share a little of it with you.

During this long time of forced immobility Giovanna spent her time taking care of animals.  She feeds them, taking the dogs out to walk, and when necessary she makes little medical treatments.  She lives in the woods above Frascati so she often meets owls, foxes, and wild boars.  Twice in late Fall she rescued small hedgehogs!

Daniela is mainly busy with her activity of teaching Italian for foreigners online, if any of you are looking to work on your italian to prepare for a trip she’s a wonderful teacher!



In her free time she devotes herself to taking care of her plants, experimenting with homemade beauty masks and taking dance classes.  She’s keeping busy so she will be in perfect (mental) shape when life returns to normal!

Dominique has been spending her time learning how to play the ukulele and homeschooling Sofia when the schools have been closed. Recently she bought a lovely beach house in Anzio which she hopes to rent out (mostly to locals) this summer and to future travellers when things open up again! Who doesn’t need a few days at the beach to unwind from sight-seeing in Rome?

Maximilian’s main interest in the past year regards an intense worship of creative idleness as there was nothing else to do.  He eagerly waits for the company of tourists again!

Lynette is busy in Rome finishing up work on her Masters degree in Art History and has been doing on-site research in Pompeii for her thesis.  When she isn’t tied to her computer trying to write or with her nose in a book at the library she loves to wander the nearly empty streets of Rome.

Paola is dedicating herself to her passions … collecting wild herbs to create new delicious recipes!  She is practicing yoga and learning pole dancing for a new challenge.  She has been enjoying the outdoors walking and canoeing in the beautiful lake of Castel Gandolfo to keep in shape body-mind waiting to be able to embrace everyone again


Spring is in bloom in Frascati and the first blooms of the vines are appearing, we hope you will join us soon, but until then we will continue to bring Frascati wine to you.

This spring we have a collection of Frascati wines from three different wineries, as well as the amazing olive oil from Fontana Laura.  You can order them in either a box of 6 or 12 bottles.  The cost per box includes shipping.

6 Bottle Box: 200€ for US, 150€ for Europe

12 Bottle Box: 325€ for US, 250€ for Europe


6 Bottle Box

1 Vitus Vini Metamorfosi Frascati Superiore DOCG

1 Villa Aldobrandini Frascati Superiore DOCG

1 Pietra Porzia Spumante

1 Vitus Vini Selcerossa

1 Villa Aldobrandini Rosso

1 Bottle Fontana Laura Olive Oil


12 Bottle Box

1 Vitus Vini Metamorfosi Frascati Superiore DOCG

1 Vitus Vini Auranova

2 Villa Aldobrandini Frascati Superiore DOCG

1 Pietra Porzia Spumante

1 Pietra Porzia Sparkling Rose

2 Vitus Vini Selcerossa

2 Villa Aldobrandini Rosso

2 Bottle Fontana Laura Olive Oil


If you would like to substitute any of the bottles just let us know, but if you would like additional bottles of Pietra Porzia it will be an added 5€ per bottle.  We can also trade out a bottle of wine for a bag of Nonna Rosanna’s wine cookies and a jar of jam from Tenuta Palazzetto Merge!

We will be accepting order until June 15th!