Our Sunset Wine Tour brings you to the gorgeous 16th century winery to taste wines at sunset. Later you’ll return to the historic center of Frascati to the outdoor wine taverns for a fun & delicious dinner in the piazza!

Tour Description

Sunset Wine Tour

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays (April-October)
  • 12 person maximum
  • 85€ for adults, 55€ euro for kids 15 and under

Frascati which has been famous for its wines since the time of ancient Rome and is an easy 25 minute train-ride from Rome.

Your guide will meet you at 4:30 PM at the Frascati train station. The train for Frascati leaves at 3:54 PM from Rome Termini and returns every hour until 9:36 PM and costs just 2.10 euro.

Tour the beautiful artisanal Frascati Vineyard and 16th century Farmhouse and Winery accompanied by the winemaker. Learn about how the artisanal winemaking tradition has been kept alive by a devotion to traditional winemaking techniques, incorporated into the production of our modern DOCG wines. Explore a deep wine cave which dates back to the times of Ancient Rome.

Taste three wines; Frascati Superiore DOCG, Red Vagnolo IGT and Sweet Cannellino DOCG.

Each wine is described in detail and is accompanied by freshly baked goods from the bakery in the center of Frascati. You will also enjoy delicious extra virgin olive oil.

Sit and relax while sipping your wine in a beautiful setting with amazing views of Rome in the distance.

Sunset wine tour


Stroll around our adorable town which is lively and full of locals without ever feeling crowded or touristy. Summer is a wonderful time to visit Frascati thanks to its elevation it’s always around 5-10 degrees cooler than in Rome.

After the winery, you will be driven to the charming medieval center of Frascati where you will learn about the town’s incredibly rich history: from its Ancient Roman origins to its terrible bombing in WW2. Be amazed by the spectacular sunset over Rome.

San Pietro Basilica in Frascati


The Frascati Wine Taverns are called ‘Fraschette’ and only serve Frascati wine… so you will first pick up some food to bring with you!

It’s off to the market square of Frascati where your guide will ‘guide’ you though ordering different products to take with you to the taverns. You will pick up marinated vegetables from the food carts in the main market square and fresh bread, pizza, slow-roasted pork and wine cookies from the oldest bakery in town. Meet the local artisans and shop owners who are eager to share their stories. Feel like a local while accompanied by your guide who lives in Frascati and knows everybody in town!


Dinner will be enjoyed outside in a historic piazza in the center of Frascati.

Enjoy your feast of local delicacies outside in charming piazza San Rocco in Frascati. Your guide will help prepare your picnic style dinner and serve everyone both the DOCG Frascati Superiore from the winery as well as the local house white wine which is light and refreshing.

The cool breeze makes this spot a favourite with locals and the picnic tables around you will soon fill up with the merry sounds of Italians singing and laughing and drinking outside.

Savour the experience of eating just like the locals around you in the piazza.

After dinner, the train station is just a 5 minute walk from the piazza and the train returns to Rome at 9:36 PM.

*Please note that the sun sets at a different time throughout the year.  During the middle of the summer the sun will not set until about 9PM, and therefore the sunset will not be visible at the winery.

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