Welcome to our website and Blog! Old Frascati Food & Wine aims to offer a truly unique, personalized and unforgettable experience to all our guests. Frascati has an amazing wine tradition and is just a 25 minute train ride from Rome. With our tours we hope to showcase all the best Frascati has to offer from its charming city center, artisinal bakeries, our family-run wineries and delicious food!

Starting in 2016, we are excited to announce that the ‘Classic Half-Day Wine Tour’ will now be bringing guests to visit our co-op member’s newly remodeled 16th century farmhouse and cellar.  The Ceccarelli family are one of the oldest winemaking families in Frascati and they have finally finished the renovation of their cellar!  We’re excited to include their family’s winery in our wine tour and you will meet Paola Ceccarelli who is the president of our cooperative ‘Antiche Terre Tusculane’ and the 7th generation Ceccarelli to make Frascati wine here in Frascati. Their cellar and vineyard are beautiful and their 250 meter deep cave is unlike anything you’ve seen before!

Other exciting developments include a new ‘Pizza Making and Wine Tasting Tour’ held at Antico Forno Ceralli in the center of Frascati. During this tour you will meet Eugenio the baker who will teach you how to  make your own wood fired pizza that will be paired with our coop’s three wines. Eugenio and his family are so enthusiastic to share their family’s passion for wood fired pizza, pork, bread and sweets. Nonna Rossana, Eugenio’s 90 year-old mother, has begun practicing some English phrases… so far we’ve managed ‘beautiful’ ‘good’ and ‘Facebook’ 🙂

And finally, this summer we’re going to begin offering an evening Sunset Wine Tour which should be super fun and a great escape from Rome which considering the small amount of rainfall this year, should be pretty pretty hot come July. We’re going to offer this tour for 65 euro and start doing it just once a week (Friday evenings).

Dominique (who is writing all of this of course) will continue to act as your beautiful and brilliant guide 😉 and as the ambassador of Frascati, the town she so dearly loves…

Thank you so much for all your amazing reviews, referrals and ‘likes’! We like you too!