Wine Tours in Italy

The Old Frascati Winery Tours near Rome.
Winery Tours in Italy
Winery Tours in Italy

Thank you Angela for including our The Old Frascati Wine Tour on your partner’s page! Each wine region in Italy is special and unique. At The Old Frascati Wine Tour we promote the wines and traditions of Frascati, however we absolutely love Tuscan wines, especially on a cold, winter night!

Tuscany (~17% DOC production)

Try red wines from Tuscany as well as a sweet wine called Vin Santo.

Tuscany is home to the Chianti region which is the most famous region for Sangiovese. When Sangiovese became the required major grape in Chianti during the 1970s, the other noble grapes (Cab and Merlot) ended up creating a new style of wine: Super Tuscan. For white wines in this region, keep in mind that Trebbiano is Italy’s most produced white grape and Vermentino has quite a few taste similarities to Sauvignon Blanc.

Tuscany Wine Tours and Partners

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